CDS US Employee Referral Program- Location Specific


CDS knows that our employees can provide the best advertisements about working at CDS.   Thus our employees can best help us find great people. 

Our CDS Employee Referral Program rewards employees for recommending individuals that are hired by CDS.  

How the program works:

1.  CDS will designate which locations will participate in the Referral Program as not every location will      qualify.

2.  Current active CDS employees refer the individual(s) to CDS and have the individual(s) apply online      at  

3.  After the candidate applies the employee that refers the candidate completes the Referral form.  The       form is found at:   CDS Referral Form  and lets their Event Manager know of the referral.  

4.  Once the candidate is hired, works two shifts and completes all their onboarding the employee that referred the candidate is eligible for a $25.00 Costco gift card.  


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