Transfer Procedure - Costco Warehouse to another Costco Warehouse


CDS associates have the ability to transfer between Costco Warehouses

There is a specific transfer procedure to follow.


Initiates the process by informing your direct supervisor that you are interested in transferring to another location.

Your Supervisor:

Collects information from you.  Including reason for transfer, location of transfer, effective date of transfer.

Contacts the Supervisor of the location you are looking to transfer to.  They will provide your information to this manager along with your personal contact information.  The Manager may also inquire about your job performance, availability and other pertinent information about you.

Manager of the location you are looking to move to:

Will review the information provided by your Supervisor.  If the Manager is interested in accepting you to his/her location they will reach out to you and discuss the transfer opportunity.  

If the Manager agrees to accept you, ideally the manager will discuss position, title, wage rate, schedule for work, specific job requirements (food handler's card, drug screen, etc) and effective date of transfer.  

The Manager will then contact your Supervisor to inform him/her that the transfer has been verbally approved.  

Your Supervisor:

Will finalize any issues with you leaving your current work location (i.e. return of work materials).  

Will process your transfer electronically within the Workday system.  

Manager of the location you are looking to move to:

Will accept the transfer via the Workday system.  

HR Partner:

Will review the transfer and give final approval.  


Will need to follow up on any specific needs for the new position.  

Keep in contact with your new Manager.  

Update your contact information in Workday (if you have moved).  

Finalize the transfer process by completing the Workday Transfer to do step.  


Please note:  Transfers are at the discretion of management.  There is no requirement to accept any transfers.  

For additional assistance please speak to your direct supervisor.  



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